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  Early Morning 05.50 am Vishvaroopa Dharshnam
1 Vizha Pooja 06:45 a.m. Sadhu, Sanyasi Alangaram
2 Sirukalasandhi Pooja 08:00 am Vedavar Alangaram
3 Kalasandhi Pooja 09:00 am Balasubramaniar Alangaram
4 Uchikkalam Pooja 12:00 Mid-day Vaitheegal Alangaram
5 Sayaraksha Pooja 05:30 pm Raja Alangaram
6 Rakkalam Pooja 08:00 pm Virithan Alangaram



The Legendary, Historical and Spiritual Significance of the Hill Temple

There is a legend how Lord Murugan came to this sacred spot. Narada Muni, a sage, brought a golden mango to the divine court of Lord Siva when Lord Siva was seated with his consort Parvati and His children Lord Vinayakar and Lord Subrahmanya. Narada gave the fruit to Lord Siva and implored Him to eat since it was a rare, miraculous Jñanapalam, the fruit of wisdom. As a loving husband, Lord Siva gave it to Parvati and requested her to eat. As a loving mother, she wanted to give the fruit to her children. As there was only one fruit and it should not be cut, they announced a contest and said that the winner would be given the fruit. Whoever completes one round of the globe first will be given the fruit.

Lord Subrahmanya mounted His peacock to go around the world. Lord Vinayakar circumambulated around His parents, symbolising the world, and got the fruit. On return, Lord Subrahmanya found that He was cheated. In anger, He renounced His family and came to this spot to settle forever. Lord Siva and Parvati came to pacify Him. They said, "Pazham Nee" ('You are the Fruit'). Hence the name Palani is a popular syncopation of the two words mentioned.

The presiding deity, Lord Dandayudhapani Swami, is the son of Lord Siva and son-in-law of Vishnu. He has other names such as Kulandaivelan, Balasubrahmanyan, Shanmukhan, Devasenapati, Swaminathan, Vallimanalan, Devayanaimanalan, Palaniandavar, Kuriñjiandavar, Arumugan, JñanaPandita, Saravanan, SevarKodiyon, etc. Tamils, Keralites, Bengalis, Sri Lankans, Malaysians, Fijians, Africans, Australians and Americans to name a few come here to worship Lord Muruga. Thus Murugan worship cuts across provincial boundaries and national frontiers.

Cheraman Perumal, a ruler of Kerala, built the main temple perhaps in the 7th Century AD. The Nayaks built the Navaranga Mandapam which is a fascinating stone structure incorporated by four pillars and endowed with nine bays. The other portions of the temple have been built by the Pandiya kings, besides a number of local heads, religious groups and individual devotees.



Palani has been mentioned in the Tamil Sangam Literature as “Podhini”, which came to be called as “Palani” later, according to the historians. In “Thirumurukatruppadai” (a Sangam Literature ) Palani has been mentioned as the 3rd “PadaiVeedu”. This was the southern end of the Kongu Nadu and edicts refer to this place as “Vaiyapuri Nadu” , which was ruled by king “Vaiyapuri Kopperumbaegan”. Many “Siddhas” are said to have lived in this region. The idol of Palani Andavar is said to have been made of “Navapashanam”.

Going by legend, the idol of the Lord Muruga in Palani, was created and consecrated by the Sage Bhogar, one of Hinduism's eighteen great ascetics (siddhas), out of an amalgam of nine medicinal stones or Navapaashaanam ( a combination of Veeram, Pooram, Rasam, Jathilingam, Kandagam, Gauri Pasanam, Vellai Pasanam, Mridharsingh, Silasat) Navapashanam is believed to possess great medicinal qualities. 


thanga ratham

The idol of Chinnakumarar (Palani Murugan), an elegant form made of bronze, is placed on top of a golden peacock giving out a beautiful stature with its widened feathers. Now this striking combination is kept on top of the Thangaratham or golden Chariot and is taken around the prakaram during Kirthigai days and on specific six festival days. There will not be any such procession of the Gold Chariot on Thaipoosam, PanguniUthiram, ten days during Dasara festival, SooraSamharam and KarthikaiDeepam in PalaniMurugan Temple.
The lighted up golden car is absolutely enchanting. People gather just to witness the golden chariot and get the blessings of lord Murugan. Temple asthananadaswaram, Thiruppugazhbajan group and all other people usually form part of the ceremonious ThangaThervalam.A devotee has to pay charges if he wants to draw the golden chariot around the prakaram.

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Joint Commissioner/Executive Officer 
Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thirukkoil, 
Palani - 624 601. 
Tamil Nadu. INDIA.  
Telephone:+91-4545 242236 , 242467, 241417
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